Growing up with a hairstylist for a mother instilled Travis with a life long passion for the craft's transformative power. After receiving his qualifications in his homestate of Maryland Travis moved to New York to study film at Marymount Manhattan College. It was there that he honed his avant garde easthetic, working with up-and-coming fashion designers to produce not only stunning visuals but equally impactful hair. It was this experience that led him to persue hairstyling full time, with five years behind the chair at a salon in the heart of the East village with clients ranging from creatives to business professionals.

Recognition of Travis' talents presented him with the opportunity to act as an educator at the Wella World Studios. Teaching there since 2015 has provided Travis with the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge and work alongside his fellow top tier artists in the industry. Drawing from film, fashion, travel, and the unique tempo of New York City to fuel his creative drive Travis hopes to inspire his clientele to expand the possibilities of their own self expression.